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Patients or Caregivers:
Get what you need, where you want it.

Leave impersonal doctors, crowded waiting rooms, and costly hospital visits behind you. Instead, be a part of a system that centers around you - your needs and goals. We have created care options that are designed specifically to deliver you the highest level of care wherever you are.

Our Services

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At Home

Senior health experts that take into account every aspect of your life when creating your care plan is what sets our modern house calls above the rest. This is a truly personalized visit that comes directly to you.

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Senior Care Centers on Wheels

Our mobile care centers offer support for every aspect of your health, from physical check-ins to mental health enrichment. All the services of a primary care provider - right to your neighborhood.

  • Improve Access to Care
  • Expand Health Equity
  • Specialized Staff
  • Wellness Checks
  • Community Events
  • Education Sessions
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Connecting with your health team has never been easier with virtual visits. Stay in touch with your personal care team without the hassle of travel and waiting rooms.

  • Improve Access to Care
  • Virtual Care
  • Urgent Care Triage
  • Remote Monitoring for Chronic Conditions

Who we serve.

Sage Health Just For Seniors is just that - for seniors. We’ve designed our services and hired all of our staff to address the specific needs of senior adults. We work with Medicare beneficiaries, individuals through our membership plans, and with health partners within the Medicare Advantage program.

About Us
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Community Partners

We are here to give our patients and their caregivers compassionate, holistic care that addresses any life factors, big and small, that impact health and happiness. To ensure we provide the highest level of comprehensive care, Sage Health works with outside organizations and community partners if there is a needed service beyond our scope of expertise.

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