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We're here to deliver quality, specialized care for seniors that comes right to them wherever they are.

Sage Health was created to give our most at-risk population an alternative to a healthcare system that wasn't designed for them. The system that costs too much and does too little. It’s a broken model that is fraught with inefficiencies, access to care challenges, health inequities, and fragmented treatment plans, especially for senior adults. For seniors with complex needs who have a mix of medical, behavioral, and social challenges, this ineffectiveness is disruptive and can have serious consequences.

Our mission is to deliver solutions
that give seniors the care they need in a way that’s
safest and most convenient for them.

At the heart of Sage Health, built into our DNA, is the promise to take care of our parents and grandparents. We reimagined the delivery of care to put those that cared for us at the very center. We designed an age-friendly, high-touch personalized care delivery platform specifically for seniors delivered by geriatric specialists. This approach is holistic, consumer-centered, and hyper-focused on transforming the care delivery experience.

Our mission is to provide quality of care that meaningfully improves outcomes and makes a difference in seniors’ lives and delivers comprehensive personalized care plans that meet their needs and lifestyle goals so they can live the life they want to live by meeting them wherever they are – in their homes, facilities or in our care centers on wheels. What we call, "Healthy at Home."

How we deliver care.

"We believe that the best setting for care delivery is in the home, where people are most comfortable. And it’s where we uncover important data like what’s in their refrigerator, what are the potential fall hazards, what’s in their medicine cabinet – things we wouldn’t be able to capture without being in the home."
-Omar Fernandez, Founder & CEO

Patient's Home

Patient's Home



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What we offer.

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Acute Care
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Right Care. Right Place. Right Time.

Sage Health is committed to Healthy at Home - a model designed to enhance the quality of life and deliver best-in-class outcomes to the most vulnerable senior adults wherever they are. We leverage technology like Telehealth, Remote Patient Monitoring tools and our proprietary On-Demand Scheduling App (Slake™) and incorporate diverse healthcare resources to enhance the relationship between clinicians and patients. We deliver the physical, behavioral, emotional, and social services required to improve care coordination, well-being, and health outcomes while respecting patients' treatment choices and how and where care is delivered, from the simplest to the most complex conditions.

We are transforming a reactive, episodic system into one that reaches beyond the four walls of a traditional clinic setting to completely envelop the patient and engage with them non-stop.


We believe success depends on completely redesigning care and finding more effective and efficient models for managing chronic illnesses and ensuring that care delivery matches the overall intensity of patient goals and preferences.


At Sage Health, we recognize that every patient is different, so what works best for one patient may not work for someone else.


We have developed an integrated, personalized care approach that includes advanced primary care, behavioral health, pharmacy, and social determinants of health: at-home, virtually or in our care centers on wheels.

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