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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course not! If you are a Medicare beneficiary, or a member of a Medicare Advantage health plan that we service, you have access to all of our solutions.

Absolutely! However, you will have to self-pay for any services we provide.

No. The membership fee pays for services not covered by Medicare and is not reimbursable.

No. And if we are not in network with your Medicare Advantage plan, you will have to pay out-of-pocket for any services provided not included in your membership plan.

The Sage Health Wellness Program is a whole-person (mind & body) integrated health and wellness program that includes comprehensive lab tests, screenings and diagnostics that go beyond what is typically included in a basic physical exam. These tests, for example, have been shown to identify 40 percent more people at risk for heart attack or stroke compared to standard cholesterol tests. The detailed results of this additional testing, in combination with one-on-one counseling with your care team, will be used to develop your customized wellness plan. It’s a more proactive approach to staying well—developing a clearer picture of your health risks and making a plan to minimize them.

Sage Health accepts insurance (our wellness navigator can tell you whether they accept your specific insurance plan). Your membership fee pays for preventive care medical services that insurance usually doesn’t cover (e.g., advanced diagnostic testing and screenings). Sage Health will continue to bill your insurance and charge copays, co-insurances and deductibles as we currently do for other medical services like sick visits.

You may sign up to pay all at once (annually), quarterly, or monthly. Upon signing up you will be able to select the billing frequency and the method of payment (credit or debit card) you wish to use. You will automatically be charged to your method of payment either quarterly or monthly if you do not choose the annual payment plan. If you select the monthly billing option, your initial payment will be a quarterly charge (first 3 months), and each subsequent monthly payment will start on the fourth month.

We may prorate a refund depending on the type of payment plan and services thus far rendered. However, we believe this type of concierge service in the comfort of your home will exceed your expectations and you will be very satisfied with the program.

I thought you'd never ask. We're here now for the most important part of your life, to help you live the life you want to live.

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